Sales, production and development of badge machines and related parts.

We provide direct sales and support for the equipment and parts needed to manufacture promotional badges and accessories.

Prices for all products are published on our e-commerce site for our customer’s convenience and to ensure fair transactions.
Of course, prices correspond to quantity purchased, so the larger the quantity you buy, the lower the price we can offer you.

We purchase our products from overseas and domestically, but mainly from the United States. With our own guarantee and support, we can provide a very reliable service to our customers in Japan.

In addition, in response to the recent increase in demand for badges in Japan, we are developing our own products to deliver better products to our customers in a shorter time frame.

Sales, production, and development of cover buttons and other craft products.

We sell craft tools and materials, mainly imported from overseas.

Like, we do not offer direct negotiated discounts. However, retailers and sole traders are able to purchase at lower prices depending on the quantity they purchase through wholesale membership registration (screening required).

We also produce some of our products in-house to achieve high quality at low cost.